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I’m a new mom! We’ve been blessed with a beautiful, healthy, bouncing baby girl named Harlow Jayne who just turned 6 months old.

Motherhood has truly been a wonderful gift, but I’m not here to sugarcoat it

Whether your pregnancy was a breeze (LUCKY!), or you spent it when your head in the toilet (like me), fact is you have been thrust into this thing called parenthood. Best of luck, right?! 

As parents, we give, give, GIVE our all to our children all day, every day. That, in turn, leaves us feeling exhausted, and drained. However, the very first thoughts of taking time for myself to go get my nails done (or just get a full night’s sleep) left me feeling guilty. Was I a bad mother for wanting “me” time? Short answer: NO!

I turned to my all-knowing mother for advice and she shared with me a slice of knowledge that her grandmother had passed down to her. Imagine yourself as a cup. You pour yourself into a number of things everyday — work/school, your friends/family, and your children. So when your cup is empty you must take the time to replenish it so you can continue to be the best version of yourself.

I took that piece of wisdom pie and developed a short list of personal care tips.

Top 5 Ways To Fill Your “Me” Cup

Budget-friendly self-care recommendations.

  1. Take a nap. Feeling exhausted? Irritable? Lie down and take a power nap. You’ll wake up thanking yourself.
  2. Meditate. Mindfulness is key when you find yourself overwhelmed and stressed. Find a quiet space, light some candles and start by listing things you’re thankful for. This  creates a positive peaceful atmosphere to relax.
  3. Bubble baths — who doesn’t love’em? Grab a glass of wine, and just soak. 
  4. Yoga! Ditch the pricey time-consuming classes, and try getting in a 10-15 minute slow flow yoga workout from YouTube when your baby naps.
  5. Read a book. Sometimes a brief escape from reality is all one needs to feel refreshed.

About the Author – Linzi Jasso is a mom (of daughter Harlow, born July 2017), daughter, granddaughter, Kudos writer/vlogger, activist, shopaholic, and bride-to-be — the most appropriate title depends on the time of day.  

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