About Us

Our Approach

Our vision is to share insight to help others navigate the waters of life.  Let’s face it, we will all go through difficult times, where we need a little insight or guidance to take that extra step or to get on track.  

Through our relationship with organizations like Hurley Medical Center, we are able to get up close to interview pros that have the real insight and wisdom.  We share all of that with our readers, combined with insight from professional and personal coaches, business leaders, teachers and so much more.

Our Story

When you pick up a copy of Kudos magazine you can tell right away there is something different.  What is it?  PASSION!  No joking here!  Our writers are given a chance to speak about topics they are passionate about, topics they feel the public needs to know more about.  Through their wisdom and willingness to participate in storytelling, we can share these ideas with you.

This is the especially unique concept – why they are doing it?!  No joking again!  Because they REALLY CARE!  Many have grown tired of the bad information shared that distracts people from their goals.  The contributors of Cup of Kudos magazine truly want to inspire others to start their own personal journey to wellness and true happiness.

It’s All About Sharing Love, Wisdom, and Insight.  To Enhance Our Personal Lives, Families, and Communities.  Come Along For The Journey With Us!