Miracles, Faith, and Good Vibes

Chambria Mack was due to have her daughter in December, but sometimes the world works a little differently, and Chambria gave birth to her daughter Miracle 19 weeks early. When born, Miracle weighed only 14 ounces, and the doctors and staff at Hurley Medical Center had to prepared Chambria for the hard journey ahead.

“My experience with Hurley was excellent,” said Chambria. “They took care of me immediately and got me to the back right away. I felt urgent and important.”

Miracle stayed in the NICU for four months and left to go home on December 6th, just a few days shy of her due date.During the time Chambria and her family spent in the NICU, she developed a relationship with her nurses.

“My NICU nurses were the best and made me feel like Miracle was loved,” Chambria said. “I felt like Miracle was in good hands even when I left.”

While at Hurley Medical Center, Chambria felt surrounded by everything she needed and felt like the staff eventually became family. At times difficult information was shared with the family that was hard to process, but they understood these were statics and information the doctors at Hurley needed to tell her.

“They’re giving you statics, but you can be the deal-breaker,” Chambria said. “They have to tell you, but it doesn’t have to be it.” Miracle was given only a two percent chance at survival at birth. When Chambria was given these odds, the doctor asked what she wanted to do (implying that this was a hopeless case). Chambria adamantly stated, “We’re going for it!” 

Chambria says you need to give your baby something to fight for when they’re in the NICU.

“Even when Miracle was in the incubator, I would open it up and talk or sing to her,” said Chambria. “I wanted her to hear my voice. I wanted her to fight to know where that voice was coming from.”

She explained how it is vital to keep your mind positive, “when your baby is in NICU, it is a mental battle.” To give herself a fighting chance, Chambria limited negative people from coming around her or Miracle, instead she surrounded herself and child with people sharing positive vibes or walking in faith.

“I reached out on social media to ask people to pray for Miracle, for positive vibes,” said Chambria. 

Chambria added that the experience is a roller coaster, and there will be many ups and downs. She said to remember the ride you’re on, though, because many of your baby’s first moments will be in the NICU. She added, “Always ask questions and make sure you understand what they’re saying,” Chambria said. “When you do that, your doctors can connect with you.”

Today Miracle is a happy and healthy 7-year-old. She is in second grade and enjoying the days with her younger sister Brielle. 

If you’re in a similar situation like Chambria and Miracle, remember to stay positive, surround yourself with positive people, and never be afraid to ask questions.

Currently, Miracle wants to be a doctor when she grows up, but she is toying with being a Rockstar. “When Miracle is ready to do something, she just rolls with it,” said Chambria.

Miracle loves to read and is currently reading higher than her age level. Her favorite book is anything to do with My Little Pony, and her favorite color is blue. The most important question, though, was what her favorite animal was.

“Unicorn!” Said Miracle.

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