Refresh Your Home

Spring and Summer are the perfect time for new beginnings, and it’s the perfect time to give your home a fresh new update. Leave the dreary feeling of winter behind with these easy changes to refresh your house. You can start today and make the changes. It’s easier than you might think. I believe in you! You will see your home be transformed from feeling cozy to a fresh breath of spring. 

Adding a touch of spring to your decor and design doesn’t have to be a complicated task. Small changes can have a bigger impact on your space than you may think.

Here are my five, easy Jeanny-ous ideas for creating the spring home of your dreams.

  1. Bring Spring Inside the House

Bringing fresh flowers and greens into your home is a classic springtime look. This can be as easy as putting a few sprigs of lilac from your garden in a vase or adding a florist’s arrangement to fill a larger space. Don’t overlook adding floral patterns to a room either. This can be done with curtains, rugs, pillows, or wall art. Botanical prints and designs, especially flowers, are a beautiful way to evoke spring. If you’re looking to give extra love to a certain area, incorporate planters in different heights to add a pop of color and texture. 

  • Lighten your Mood with Colors

Another way to refresh for spring is to update your colors throughout the house. Just a few small touches can make a huge difference, so don’t think you need to buy an entirely new couch. Buying just a few accessories will do for spring. Start by replacing dark color pillows, throw rugs, bathroom and kitchen towels, comforters and candles with a white or pastel color. Yellow is the color this season, although I love turquoise and whites together. 

Using the color white whenever possible brightens the room and makes it feel clean at all times. You will be surprised how people actually are more careful when they are around the color white. It won’t get as dirty as you think; I promise.

  3. Store Away the Winter

It’s time to say goodbye to winter. Bring in a lighter, airier feel by putting away heavy, chunky blankets. Start in your bedrooms, naturally, because you don’t want to sleep in the stifling heat of a blanket that’s too heavy for the season. Look around your house, living room and family room, and put away excess throws and blankets. Keep one blanket or throw out for the back of the couch for when you’re curled up with a book and the air conditioning becomes too much, but pack away the fuzzy, thick lap blanket and replace it with an airy, light colored, lightweight one.

4. Switch to Lightweight Fabrics

Lighter-weight fabrics all around the house will also signal that spring is here and it’s time for a new season. Switch out dark, heavy curtains for lighter weight choices in sheets, linens and gauzy silks. It will literally let more light into your home, and their floaty weight will make the room look breezier. Something as simple as swapping dark, thick kitchen and bathroom towels for ones with a light color and weave will give your house a refreshing new spring look. 

5. It’s Time for Spring Cleaning (sorry, not sorry)


It may not seem like the most exciting way to welcome the warm weather, but it will be worth every minute of effort. The truth is that most of us spend time dreading this, so block some time off in your schedule today. Don’t wait. Gather all supplies in a fun bucket, so they will be handy and ready to go. Play your favorite music list, and tackle those cleaning tasks you never seem to get to. The payoff is much larger than the effort, and you will be able to enjoy the pleasures of the new season before you know it. Enjoy warmer weather with a newfound sense of satisfaction.

This is a happy time, a hopeful time, and a great time to bring optimism into your home. You don’t have to make huge design changes to feel the difference in your surroundings. So open the windows, breathe in the fresh air, and give yourself the gift of a new spring renewal for your entire house and your loved ones. It’s a wonderful way to truly appreciate the beginning of a new season, hear the birds outside, and create new beauty in your home.

I believe in you!

Until the next time and be blessed.


Kudos Magazine 7.2 By Jeanny Rodríguez