Mommies In Business Vibe Well

When we started our first business 12 years ago, we were stay-at-home moms looking to have some time to ourselves and let our creativity flow.

We both loved to design and decorate our own homes, so we created a business out of doing just that for others. It was a perfect balance of working when we chose to and keeping our top priority of being home with our children.

As life evolved and new experiences emerged in both of our lives, we found a love and passion for holistic health and wellness, especially the mind/body/spirit connection. About four years ago, this became our new adventure, Om Sweet Om, LLC (the OSO Sisters).

Through the juggle of being moms first, we worked from our home offices and established what is now our successful health and lifestyle coaching business.

Here are a few tips that have helped us successfully navigate the jungle:

• Set aside certain hours during the day or week that you will be working while your spouse is home, the kids are in school, or you have some help. Dedicate those hours just to work.
• Have a designated workspace. If you do not have a home office, make sure you at least have a designated area for working that no one else in the home is allowed to use. 
• Be flexible with yourself and your time. Things (like a sick child) will come up during those work hours, so learn to go with the flow, and not put too much stress on yourself.
• Ask for help.  As your children get older, assign them household tasks. Be clear with your spouse about the help you need. You cannot do it all! We know, we’ve tried.
• Take some time for YOU! We cannot stress this enough. Get out by yourself at least once a week for a little downtime. You cannot be the best version of yourself if you do not fill your cup first.  

We have loved the opportunity over the years to include our children in the day-to-day world of our businesses.

As we embark on establishing another company, Vibe Well LLC, our first brick and mortar space and newest venture this year, our children are excited to be a part of that as well. It has sparked ideas within them on how they can share their own passions, and we can’t wait to see what they can do!

Although this juggle of being-at-home working moms has been trying at times, we wouldn’t change a thing! The opportunities for women to be home with their children, and work full or part-time jobs, can be a win-win for the entire family.

About The Authors: Jennifer Ream and Christine Landaal are sisters, best friends, and holistic health and lifestyle coaches. They are the founders of Om Sweet Om ( and Vibe Well.

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