Bring Out The Best In Teens

01 Lead

Lead by example. If you want them to perform at their best, you have to show them how. How you carry yourself has much more impact than just your words.

02 Flashback

Take yourself back to when you were a teenager. You want to relate to the mood swings and rebellious nature of a teenager. Demonstrate that you are an authority figure who has experienced what they’re going through.

03 Incentives

Use incentives. When you lay out a plan for what you want them to achieve, add small rewards to encourage extra effort. Never assume that everyone is self-motivated.

04 Confidence

Instill confidence in their beliefs. Relate to their goals and aspirations, but also remind them of the dedication it takes to make those goals come to fruition.

05 Pass It On

Show them how instead of just teaching. I encourage the youth I work with to mentor and volunteer. This lets them reflect on how much they know and gives them an understanding of what you do for them.