Face of The New Working Mom

Who is the face of the new working mom? Follow the series, as we highlight a different face each issue and get tips on balancing parenthood, family, and a full-time career.
Cathy Gentry, Director of Business Operations at Sloan Museum, Longway Planetarium and Buick Automotive Gallery, has been with the Flint Cultural Center for 20 years.
Cathy is proud of the work she does to bring families together while serving more than 60,000 school kids through programs offered by Sloan Museum and Longway Planetarium.
She also is a mom to two young boys, Ian, 4 and Conor, 2. How does Cathy balance work and family? “Magic”, she says with a laugh. She lists a strong partnership with her husband, Drew, a great family support system and excellent daycare as ingredients in the “magic” that allows her family to flourish.
“Patience is also key and knowing that it does take a village. One cannot do it all on their own,” Cathy said. “Our boys inspire me every day and I am so proud of them.”
Satisfied in both career and at home, Cathy enjoys the balance.

Cathy and Family

She also has not stopped learning and growing professionally. She joined the Junior League of Flint, which gave her an opportunity to meet inspiring women from not only the community but across the state and country. Junior League gives women the means to network, take classes, and learn leadership skills to gain confidence and be effective in the workplace, she said.
Cathy says the key to her career success has been surrounding herself with not only strong women but strong business women.


  1. Be resourceful. It’s OK to utilize Amazon or let Kroger get groceries for you. It’s OK to ask others for help and accept the help when it’s offered.
  2. Take time for yourself. Take time to be you — not mom, wife/partner, employee, just you.
  3. Be flexible. No one has it all together so roll with it when your kids pick out their own clothes and/or you are late. Take a deep breath and pick your battles. If they want to wear a Superman T-shirt to church on Easter, will it matter next year, or will it be an awesome story?
  4. Don’t judge other moms. You have no idea what someone else’s life is like or what just happened. If you can, help in unexpected ways.
  5. Don’t prioritize work over kids. Take time to tickle them, play their favorite game again, or read the story yet again. You only have today to enjoy them at this age. They will be another day older tomorrow.
    About The Author
    Trina Balow is the working mom of four boys and a community volunteer.
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