A Safe Support System for Victims of Violence

Not all trauma victims are easy to identify. Some might hide their bruises beneath their clothes and mask their pain with a smile. Others may break plans or make excuses as to why they can’t see you. Do you think you could recognize the “silent” victims of violence?

All too often, we sit next to them at the office, wait on them at the pharmacy, or take our kids out to have play dates with their children. And we have no idea. They look like they have it all together, and there’s a reason for that. They’ve perfected the act. But every so often, you catch that fleeting look in their eye that begs for help. And you want to help.

Hurley’s new and unique Trauma Recovery Center (TRC) provides a safe and secure environment for individuals seeking support during and after violent and traumatic events in their lives. To find out more about this novel program, we reached out to Trisha Bryan, Trauma Recovery Center Coordinator at Hurley Medical Center.

“Reaching out for help is a humble, yet brave and empowering experience,” explains Bryan. “The TRC provides support in the recovery and reshaping of our patient’s lives.”

The first of such programs in the state, the TRC is a no-cost, grant-funded program staffed by highly qualified professionals who are committed to assisting victims, as needed, through all stages of recovery.

Victims of violence are often scared to seek help, afraid their abuser might find out and retaliate against them for speaking out. One unique feature of the TRC is there is no requirement for police involvement to receive services. Victims do not have to report an incident or file charges to access resources and assistance. This is a huge advantage to those who want to leave a life of violence but need to remain anonymous for safety.

The TRC specializes in offering recovery support to victims of the following crimes:
• Gun violence
• Violent assault
• Sexual abuse
• Domestic violence
• Human trafficking
• Elder abuse

The TRC team also coordinates post-treatment services upon discharge for each victim, including immediate crisis support, medical care, and follow-up visits. However, victims of violence often struggle with post-traumatic stressors such as trouble sleeping or focusing, feeling afraid, use of drugs or alcohol, and loss of sense of self. These factors, combined with the overall stress of trauma, can make it difficult to take advantage of the assistance for which victims may qualify.

Staff members go above and beyond, providing support and, if necessary, accompanying the victim to wherever is needed to achieve recovery goals such as:
• Emergency stabilization
• Victim compensation support
• Educational support
• Personal Protection Orders (PPOs)
• Legal support and assistance
• Employment resources
• Psychotherapy

Hurley’s TRC team provides a familiar face to depend on as the victim goes through a very emotionally trying time in their life. This is important while the victim is transitioning from a hospital setting to long-term recovery. Fueled by the awareness that hearing about or witnessing the pain, injuries and fear the victim has experienced can take an emotional toll in its own right, the TRC team also follows up with loved ones whose emotional and physical health may be affected. This care is available to all ages of loved ones living with the victim, including spouses, children, step-children, siblings, etc.

Whether providing support to the primary victim of the trauma or a loved one with secondary traumatic stress, freedom from violence is the goal, along with independence to restore the victim’s well-being and rebuild their life.

If you or a loved one is or has been a victim of violence, the Trauma Recovery Center can help safely and confidentially. Call 810.262.7340 or visit hurleymc.org and search TRC for more information.

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