Spring Into Self-Care

In Kudos magazine 6.1, Hurley Wellness shared tips to help us get on track for self-care this year.

Spring Into Self-Care

Snow has melted and flowers are blooming, spring has sprung and it’s a perfect time to practice self-care. When work, family, and other stressors get to be too much, it’s important to take care of yourself. Try these easy tips to refresh, renew, and take care of yourself this spring season.

Get Outside

Frigid temperatures are slowly melting away, making it a perfect time to layer up and get some outside time. There are plenty of opportunities to take a walk in the spring. With the sun setting later, there is plenty of daylight when you get home from work to take a walk around the block. You can also sneak in some outside time on your lunch break to feel the cool air and bask in the fresh spring sunlight. Getting outside helps connect you with nature and allows you to practice mindfulness, which helps improve mood. 

Pick up a New Hobby

There are plenty of new hobbies to pick up in the spring. Hiking, gardening, and do-it-yourself projects are just a few examples of activities that are easy to do now that the weather is warmer. Spend some time finding what hobbies make you happy and schedule some enjoyable activities into your week. Spending time doing things you love takes your mind off of any stress you may feel and makes you feel happier. 

Spring Clean

Cleaning might not be everyone’s favorite activity, but no doubt being in a clean environment can help improve your mood. Open your windows, blast some feel-good music, and break out the cleaning supplies. Even if it’s just a 20-minute tidy, the result is sure to bust some of your blues. Not to mention, there are few better feelings than coming home after a long day to a clean house. 

Eat In-Season Fruits and Veggies

Winter is over, which means the ground has thawed and is ready to produce a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. Typically, in-season produce is cheaper than out-of-season options, so you’ll save on your grocery bill. Citrus fruits and vegetables like asparagus, spinach, and artichokes are some healthy options for the spring. Get creative in the kitchen, find out how you like your produce prepared, and spend some time prioritizing what you put in your body. Eating fresh, in-season food makes people feel good!

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